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Diving Camp Nuweiba

Dive Centre Center (English)

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Company description

Quality and Safety

Relaxing Beach in Nuweiba
two terms apart from good atmosphere, hospitality, service and well-being, standing for the Diving Camp Nuweiba. Our dive center is the place ideal to be for a pleasureful diving vacation.

If you would like to start your diving adventure in the Red Sea or you would like to continue your diving career our well trained and professional diving instructors are on your disposal. Beside the diving and diving courses you will have a great chance to discover the highlights of the Sinai like the Monastery St. Catherine, the Coulored Canyon or a Bedoin dinner in the desert of the Sinai. Also Israel with the Red Sea city Eilat or Jordan with its' beautiful ancient city "Petra" are close by and offered as excursions by us.

In our "Divers' Bar" you will find a collection of different snacks and non alcoholic drinks in the day time for easonable prices, after diving there are also alcoholic drinks available. As well you might want to join our dinner or bearbecue. Once a week you can watch the movie of the week while relaxing with your friends and family.

Location description:


Nuweiba Muzena und rotes Meer
is a holiday destination in the gulf of Aqaba, about 170 km to the north of Sharm El Sheikh, 70 km to the north of Dahab and 65 km south from the border village Taba. Nuweiba includes the villages Muzeina, Medina and Tarabeen and the big harbour for the ferries to Aqaba, Jordan.

Nuweiba has been founded by the Israelian during their occupation of the Sinai, very good to see on the viallage Medina, the administrative and commercial centre in Style of an Israelian Moshav.

In the late 70's mostly Israelian and western European backpackers were visiting Nuweiba. Nuweiba was one big party on the beach, usualy everybody was sleeping there afterwards as well. Today Nuweiba in opposite is more a relaxing destination attracting rich Egyptians and charter tourists as an cheaper alternative to Na'ama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh. Onlu in the viallage Tarabeen you will still find a lot of the old atmosphere of Nuweiba and the backpackers camps.

Nuweiba Medina (Innenstadt)
Nuweiba Medina (Downtown)
Nuweiba is as well the last point for travellers to the Arabian peninsula. Several times a day ferries go to Aqaba in Jordan, taking pilgrims and trucks with them as they cannot pass Israelian territory.

Hafen von Nuweiba
Nuweiba Harbour

Like Dahab Nuweibas neighbored villages offer cheap accomodationfor low budget travellers. In Tarabeen you will find more than 20 camps, a few low budget hotels and a lot of restaurants lined up derectly on the beach. Most of them offer now alcoholic drinks as well.

Southerly of „Nuweiba Village Resort” hotel you have the chance to get back to old times again. In the camp you can enjoy the spectaculaer sky at night or the sea view to Saudi Arabia. You can organize camel or jeep trips to the close by desert and canyon and enjoy real bedouin life without the hassle and bustle known from other cities in Egypt.

Oase Nuweiba
Oasis and Gardens
Contact information:
Phone: +49 1801 - 5855856358
Mobile: +20 12 249 600 2
Street Address:
c/o Nuweiba Village Resort
Spoken language(s): English,Arabic,German,Dutch
Open: from 08-00 till 18-00
Local time:  GMT + 2 Athens, Kiev, Minsk, Tallin
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