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Maldives Liveaboards

Liveaboard Diving (English)

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Company description Holidaying on a liveaboard is undoubtedly the superior way of experiencing the unique beauty of the Maldives. Liberating, exciting and diverse at once. A liveaboard gives you the opportunity to enjoy many different dive sites in various atolls, allowing you to discover all the true top scuba locations. Throw old-fashioned fears of lack of space and poor food quality over board: liveaboards of today are floating luxury hotels, offering every thinkable service. Get more of the Maldives, over and under water.
1. Your holiday starts right after landing at Male Airport. No long transfers , just a short boat ride to the ship, followed by a welcome drink.
2. Life on board is at ease, comfortable and collegial. There is no dress code.
3. The ship comfortably brings you to the best dive sites. Because you are mobile , way more top dive locations are open to you, without having to put up with the hour-long trips to and from a dive site that island divers depend on.
4. A liveaboard never is a mass tourism venture. Small dive groups , personalized service and the unique atmosphere on board make an outstanding holiday.
5. Every room has an ocean view.
6. On a boat cruise you can get to know different islands and atolls. The landscape passes by, while you are relaxing on one of the decks and are chauffeured to your next diving adventure.
7. No mosquitoes , lots of cooling wind.
8. An ideal holiday for single travelers . On a ship nobody sits alone at a table and the group activities make making friends easy.
9. Comfortable diving: diving equipment remains on the escorting boat at all times. No hauling around heavy equipment or bottles.
10. During the cruise three ships are at your service : The mother ship for living, relaxing and traveling. The escorting boat (Dhoni, 12 – 18m length) brings you to and picks you up from the dives and is also used for island visits. There is also always a Dinghy, a small boat for fishing and snorkeling trips.
11. Short trips to and from dive spots , the mother ship always waits as near the dive site as possible.
12. And last but not least: an exceptionally good price . A lot of things are already included in the package price, that are charged extra on islands: transfers from and to the boat, diving, boat trips to dive spots, island visits, sport activities, fishing, barbecue on an uninhabited island, etc. Here, nobody has to fear a considerable extra bill at the end of the stay.
Location description: Experience the fascinating underwater world Staying on a liveaboard allows you to experience the unique beauty of the Maldives, the diver’s paradise, from a special angle. Many of the Maldivian dive sites belong to the best on the planet.
A liveaboards route leads you to hand-picked top dive spots. Padi guidelines apply. Before each dive there is a detailed briefing about the dive site. On the Maldives 30m is the maximum diving depth, 60 minutes is the maximum diving time and decompression dives are not allowed. Every diver must carry a diving computer. Experienced PADI dive guides lead all groups.
During the dive the Dhoni (an extra diving boat, 14-18m)accompanies the group – a truly reassuring feeling. The Dhoni is always near and ready to pick up divers, whenever you feel like surfacing. You will dive with and not against the current. The friendly Dhoni staff helps with getting in and out of the water. There are 10lt, 12lt, 15lt alu and steel dive cylinders available, varying from boat to boat. DIN and INT connections are standard, so are security balloons.
After each dive the group comes back to the comfortable mother ship, which then sets off to the next dive spot.
3 dives (maximum duration 60 min, maximum dept 33m) are made every day, except on the days of arrival and departure. Dept restriction is a rule in the Maldives.
Night dives are also part of the program and underwater torches can be rented on board.
The currents in the Maldives can be very strong and unpredictable. Our dive guides are authorised to exclude divers from drift dives if they think that they are insufficiently skilled/experienced or not physically fit to participate in the dive.
Water temperature is an average of 86°F in up to 30m of depth. A tropical suit or 5mm suit is absolutely sufficient.

Website: Preview http://www.maldivesliveaboards.com by Thumbshots.org http://www.maldivesliveaboards.com
The official site for scuba diving and travelling aboard the maldives best liveaboards and safari boats. Forums, weather and information on the maldives, diving, flights, isands and atolls.

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