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Marlin 1 Dive Charters

Diving Charter Boat (English)

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Company description See the best of coastal PNG from the Saftey and Comfort of a well equipped and surveyed live-a-board charter boat!
For your safety, M.V.Marlin 1 is a fully surveyed, 50ft, twin engine vessel.
We accommodate up to 6 passengers in airconditioned comfort. Ideal for pleasure cruising, scuba diving or as a work boat. At only US$1500 per day private charter for up to 6 passengers we are the most affordable liveaboard charter boat in Milne Bay.
Our specialities are:
*Hydrographic survey
*Scuba Diving.
*Cultural and Adventure Cruises.
We specialise in Adventure Diving, Underwater Research and Film-making.
Experience the difference of diving the remote and beautiful areas of Milne Bay in style! We offer the complete diving and wilderness experience, No crowds, No pressure, No schedule. As we cater for only 6 guests our cruises are intimate and the day is planned to suit your needs. No one does it better than Marlin 1 Charters. Try us for your next dive trip. We will give you a wonderful time as we cruise the pristine and beautiful areas of Milne Bay. Unlimited diving and shore excursions to rainforest, waterfalls, scull caves and village life. Your whole experience will be packed with beauty and adventure.
Location description: Some of the well known Milne Bay Dive Sites that we visit :
Iron hulled clipper ship launched by Queen Victoria and originally named the Buckingham. It was converted to a coal-refueling barge for World War 2, and scuttled at the end of the war when it sprang a leak. The bow tip is exposed with the stern in mud at 24m. The Muscoota is covered with marine life, including clams, soft corals and sponges. The surrounding sea-grass and silt bottom is home to Seahorses, Ghost Pipefish, Flying Gurnard, Ribbon Gobies and many other interesting creatures. A WW2 dump site is located approx 50m from the Muscoota wreck.
This aircraft`s call sign was 2-66869, but all flight details are lost. The pilot ditched the aircraft and came ashore in a liferaft. The wreck is upright and intact except for the propellers which broke off on impact and were recovered in 1994 and placed near the wreck. The maximium depth of the wreck is 27m (90ft). It has little marine growth and is home to Sweetlips and Crocodilefish. The aircraft nose points to the reef so dives usually end with an interesting ascent up the reef back to the boat.
A large coral mount coming from 43m (140ft) to just 2m (7ft) from the surface. Divers are able to dive around the full circumference of the reef with a single tank. The South side of the reef is littered with soft corals of all descriptions. Large schools of fish feed off this face. A large school of Bat Fish, Grey Reef Sharks, Red-lined Sea Cucumbers, nudibranchs and many reef fish are normally found where the current meets the reef.
There are two main reefs.At least two dives are required to explore these reefs. In the early 1980s Crown-of Thorns destroyed the reefs but an amazing rejuvenation has taken place since and the reefs now have vibrant corals and schools of fish. Large animals are sometimes seen, especially Manta Rays and the odd cheeky Hammerhead Shark.
A deep dive is possible along the steep drop off 50+m (165+ft) but most action is in the first 20m (65ft). The ridge top drops back in the center to a sandy lagoon to 20m (65ft). This site is frequently visited by large pelagics such as Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks. The reef also hosts a variety of macro subjects such as Leaf and Lacy scorpion fish, Rhinopias, Blue Ribbon Eels, Elegant Fire Gobys plus deep water
Anthias and sand tilefish in the deep water.
A small point located on the North side of the mainland with a shelf at 8m (26ft) dropping with a sheer wall down to 60+m (200+ft). This site is sometimes visited by Hammerheads, Manta Rays. The site also hosts a variety of anenomies, a school of Barracuda and very large Elephant ear sponges. A great place for wide angle photography. Excellent snorkling along the edge of the dropoff
...and many more!

Website: Preview http://www.marlin1charters.com.au by Thumbshots.org http://www.marlin1charters.com.au
Whole boat charters for small groups of divers (max. 8) specialising in adventure diving, film-making and research.

Contact information:

Phone: + 61 145 117098
Street Address:
P.O.Box 5
Spoken language(s): English,Japanese
Open: from 09-00 till 17-00
Local time:  GMT + 10 Brisbain, Vladivostok, Sidney, Canberra
Note: No guarantee is made to the accuracy of these details.

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