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Strand Diving Services

Dive Centre Center (English)

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Company description Our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to take your diving adventures further than has been possible in the past. Recent advances in diving research have made a myriad of diving technologies available for divers worldwide.
Training and first class advice from our highly qualified team make these new advances in diving available to you.
Including facilities for technical diving equipment, Nitrox, Trimix and Argon fills... and escorted technical dives with the professionals.
We offer diving courses:
*Try Scuba Diving
If you have never dived before, this is the chance of your lifetime. Malta offers the best opportunity because of its calm, clear waters. After the introductory lesson, one can do more dives or enrol in the first qualification course (Open Water Diver).
The introductory lesson will be deducted from the price of the course.
*Open Water Scuba Course
This one week course will enable you to obtain your first certificate as a diver. It is is recognised worldwide. Initial training includes: Knowledge and skill development plus your first five open water dives.
*Introductory Scuba Course
Our comprehensive introductory scuba courses are conducted by highly qualified instructors. This course will allow the beginner to discover the beauty of the underwater world in a safe and enjoyable manner.
*Advanced Open Water Diver Course
This five day course is designed to enhance the experience, skill and knowledge of the diver for practical application in the diving environment. Course includes: Natural navigation, compass navigation, search and recovery, low visibility and night diving and deep sea diving.
*Speciality Courses
-Night Diver (3 dives)
-Boat Diver (2 dives)
-Search and recovery (4 dives)
-Deep Sea Diver (4 dives)
-Wreck Diver ( 4 dives)
-Equipment Specialist
-Naturalist (2 dives)
-Navigator (2 dives)
-Cavern Diver (4 dives)
*Techical Diving Courses:
-Nitrox Diver
A day in the dive center classroom learning the background and advantages of diving with Nitrox followed by various safety lectures and an exam. The Nitrox Diver schedule is designed to deveop advanced deep diving skills appropriate to diving in the 40-metre zone. The course which will run over one day will look at and discuss oxygen physiology and oxygen toxicity, the symptoms and effects of nitrogen on the human physiology, dep diving procedures for depth to 40 metres and Nitrox and oxygen equipment compatibility for Nitrox mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen.
-Advanced Nitrox Diver
-Extended Range Diver
The Extended Range Diver is a diver competent in using the special equipment and techniques to safely dive in the depth range to 60 metres. This is achieved using air and appropriate oxygen-enriched air mixtures, and techniques to achieve the necessary decompression from such dives. The Extended Range Diver has sufficient experience to lead Nitrox divers on zone 1 dives. During the Extended Range Nitrox course, divers will look at and discuss the advanced theories on oxygen toxicity, decompression, deep diving techniques, gas management and analysis, the causes, effects and avoidance of hypothermia, accident analysis and advanced dive planning.
-Gas Blender
-Advanced Gas Blender
-Overhead Environment Diver
-Advanced Wreck Diver
-Entry Level Trimix Diver
The TDI Trimix Diver is a diver competent in the special equipment and techniques necessary to safely dive in the depth range of 50-90 metres, using mixed gas, air and other appropriate oxygen enriched mixtures to decompress appropriately from such dives. Trimix divers have sufficient experience to lead Extended Range divers on a zond 3 dive.
-Advanced Trimix Diver
-Blender Technician
You`ll find more information on our website.
Location description: The coastline is well indented with harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves. Dive sites available offer breath taking drop offs, wrecks, underwater caves and reefs.
The Maltese climate is warm and healthy, there are no biting winds, fog, snow, or frost. Rain falls only for very short periods, mainly in winter. On average there is 600 mm of rain over the whole year. The average winter temperature is 13 deg C and in Summer it ranges from 22 to 25 deg C on average.
The sea temperature does not fall below 14 deg C and after a long hot summer it`s in the region of 27 deg C.
Being an island, Malta offers the unique opportunity for diving year round, as a lee shore is always available.
The warm, clear and unpolluted waters offer the best opportunity to the person who wishes to try diving and for the experienced diver to dive safely in an enjoyable manner.
Dive sites available offer breath taking drop offs, wrecks, underwater caves and reefs with spectacular coloured marine life that is a boom for the underwater photgrapher.
Malta itself is a fascinating country to visit. It is teeming with history from 5,000 BC to modern day. The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Knights of St John, the Turks, Napolean, the British and World War II have all left their mark, adding to Malta`s rich heritage.
There are cathedrals, palaces, prehistoric stone temples, fantastic limestone formations both above and below the sea.

Website: Preview http://www.scubamalta.net by Thumbshots.org http://www.scubamalta.net
Available PADI, TDI courses description, accomdation details, contact information, etc.

Contact information:
Phone: 00356 21 574502
Fax: 00356 21 577480
Street Address:
Ramon Perellos Str.
SPB 02
Spoken language(s): English
Open: from 09-00 till 17-00
Local time:  GMT + 1 Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Warsaw
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