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Company description Just a few years ago, the old flooded quarry at Capernwray, near Carnforth, was disused and abandoned and visited only by a handful of local scuba divers. Today, Jackdaw Quarry, as it is known locally, is home to Capernwray Diving Centre, one of the most progressive and professional scuba diving operations in the UK.
The diving centre at Capernwray has been in existence since 1995 and has witnessed considerable growth and change in that time. In 2002, the opening of the
state-of-the-art clubhouse signalled a new chapter in the development of the Centre. Designed by award-winning Manchester architect, Stephen Hodder and built by a small team of master craftsmen, the new building is simply stunning. Built on two levels, the ground floor features a restaurant and licensed bar whilst the first floor houses the conference room, together with a huge private terrace overlooking the diver`s entry to the water. We will always continue to update and improve our facilities but the completion of this major project goes a long way to making Capernwray what we truly believe it to be, the best diving centre in the country.
Our facilities:
*Secure parking facilities.
*Fully equipped dive shop.
*IDEST cylinder testing and regulator servicing.
Location description: Picturesque location, easy parking, clean water, Helthe omnipresent fish, enthusiastic and helpful staff, a 60ft minesweeper, Murphy the dog…, there are many reasons why divers return time and again to Capernwray. The addition of a diver`s clubhouse that simply has no equal in this country further adds to the other good reasons why we think you should come and dive here too, if you`ve not been before!
We hope we can portray a little of what makes this place tick; the atmosphere, the location and setting, the facilities we can now offer and above all, the great bunch of people, all of whom are hand-picked for their experience and professionalism, who will ensure that you receive a very warm welcome on your first and hopefully, subsequent visits.
The most popular dive sites and attractions:
*THE AFRICAN QUEEN - A `look-a-like` for the famous vessel in the Humphrey Bogart film of the same name! She sits on a slope in 12 metres of water.
*THE CAVE - Our `cave` is in fact an old container which has been `engineered` to allow safe access inside. This provides a very realistic `overhead environment` suitable for lining -out etc. whilst providing safe access and exit from each side. The top of the `cave` makes an ideal training platform in deeper water (14m) than our novice training area. The Wessex helicopter sits atop the cave.
*THE SUMP! - Not for novices but the deepest part of the quarry for those who need to log a 20m dive. This was where the original quarry was drained (hence its depth in relation to the remainder of the quarry which is normally 18m). CAUTION: The very nature of this depression in the floor of the quarry allows silt to build up so watch your buoyancy control to avoid `stirring-up` the bottom. Marked by a shotline and buoyed by a large plastic goose! (!?)
*THE CANNON - Originally destined for the front of the shop as an interesting feature, we decided that this old weapon of an earlier sea-faring age would be much more interesting as an underwater exhibit. Not much to see but a good check of your whereabouts underwater when you bump into it! Lies in 18m and marked by a red buoy.
*THE GNOME GARDEN - A very special feature to Capernwray! Not to be confused with any other `gardens` of similar nature in the North Lands but our very own collection of garden gentleman kindly donated by one of our regular visiting dive schools. The location is secret; see if you can find them yourselves! (Please do not touch; leave the gnomes alone for others to enjoy).
*LORD LUCAN AND SHERGAR - Possibly our most famous attractions, the two fibreglass horses from Blackpool Pleasure Beach are a significant addition to our novice training area and provide a unique underwater feature. Come and ride Shergar and see for yourself!
We look forward to welcoming you here soon.

Website: Preview http://www.dive-site.co.uk by Thumbshots.org http://www.dive-site.co.uk
Full service dive centre, offers training, shopping, dive holidays, etc.

Contact information:

Phone: 01524 735132
Fax: 01524 735520
Street Address:
Capernwray Road
United Kingdom
Spoken language(s): English
Open: from 10-00 till 17-00
Local time:  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) London, Edinbourg, Lisboa
Note: No guarantee is made to the accuracy of these details.

If you are a representative of CAPERNWRAY DIVING CENTRE , you may update your options or details in our scuba diving directory. Please use contact form or email us at info@divingfinder.com.

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