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M.V. Chertan Live-aboard

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Company description The world`s most exotic diving destination has a new attraction. She is the M.V. Chertan, a purpose-built dive boat which has begun operations out of Alotau in Milne Bay and is equipped with a full complement of crew which includes your host and divemaster Rob van der Loos.
The Chertan introduces a term many intrepid divers are unfamiliar with - luxury.
The vessel is the culmination of a dream for Rob who`s had 17 years exploring the blue, clear waters of Milne Bay and beyond: it has given him a unique insight into the wonders of the area.
On board Chertan the living is easy. One of the most memorable ``post diving`` experiences is the food, where freshness is the key to describing the rich offerings of the region.
Available cruise on Chertan offers unlimited diving for the enthusiast as well as an introduction to the local culture.
Our itineraries are all about adventure, challenge and discovery in conditions that few have experienced. From dugouts to dugongs, from plunging coral drop-offs to towering volcanic mountains, skull caves and thermal springs, from hammerhead sharks to manta rays, the region is truly unique. Equally special is the ambiance on board Chertan where the crew`s priority is your comfort and enjoyment.
Another season is drawing to an end, and a tough season it has been for all of us in the dive industry. Sars and the Gulf War understandably made people debate whether they wished to travel. The South Pacific was no exception.
Over the last 12 months we have had pockets of really ``Spectacular`` diving and then there was the Milne Bay average which is still The Best Diving when you consider the diversity. Muck to spectacular reefs to walls.
Early in the season saw a lot of New Discoveries for the Chertan. We now know Milne Bay has at least 4 different species of Pigmy Sea Horses. The Chertan had the first ever sighting in Milne Bay and possibly the second in the world of a new species of Pigmy which has just been named after Neville Coleman. This species was first discovered on Lord Howe Island of Australia by Naturalist Neville Coleman and now we know it is here in PNG as well and probably in Indonesia. For those of you who are not familiar with Neville Coleman, he has got to be one of Australia’s most profile nature writers I have ever met. His enthusiasm and knowledge is unbelievable. Two recent publications by Neville are ``1001Nudibranchs`` and `` 2002 Sea Shells``. If you have seen them great. If you haven’t you should get yourself a copy. No self-respecting diver should be with out them. Other discoveries included a strange looking rhinopious and another species of pigmy sea horse first photographed some 20 years ago but not seen since till now. A brand new species of Bristle Worm was found right under the boat at Lawadi. This worm was first spotted by Andrea Marshall and Maleta Luke. However, it was Roger Steene who was quick to point out this worm unknown and was more than likely a new species. The surprising thing is just how common this worm is yet; you never see it unless you know where to look.
This year has also seen the near completion of our New Resort ``TAWALI`` located on the North Coast of the main land, approximately 6 miles from the most South - East tip of Papua New Guinea
Tawali Resort is being finished off with a PNG flavour in Air-conditioned Luxury.
A typical bungalow has polished PNG hard wood floors, a camera preparation and charging table, on suits, fridge, television and air-conditioning set in the jungle by the sea. All bungalows are connected to the main building by roofed boardwalks
The main building comprises of lounge, bar, kitchen, dinning room and a spacious out door deck over looking the sea from an elevation of approximately 80’. Tawali will offer complete dive packages to some of the best dive sites Milne Bay has to offer. Other activities from the resort will be sailing in a traditional canoe, bird watching, bush walks and trips to the Skull Caves.
Location description: *The Best of Milne Bay
Depending on seasons, creatures come and go in Milne Bay. Here are some of the outstanding dives site visited by Chertan on a regular basis.
*Tania`s Reef
A large coral mount coming from 140 ft to just 8 ft from the surface. Divers are able to dive around the full circumference of the reef with a single tank. The South side of the reef is littered with soft corals of all descriptions. Large schools of fish feed off this face. The reef also plays host to giant clams and turtles.
*Cobb`s Cliff
Steep drop off on one side down to 150+` rising to just 20` below the surface and dropping back in the center to a sandy lagoon to 60`. This site is frequently visited by large pelagics such as Manta Rays and Hammerhead Sharks. The reef also hosts a variety of macro subjects such as leaf scorpion fish, Rhinopious, Blue Ribbon Eels, Elegant Fire Gobys, and so much more.
*Wahoo Point
A small point located on the North side of the mainland with a shelf from 15` to 50` in depth and dropping with a sheer wall down to 200+`. This site is frequently visited by Hammerheads, Manta Rays, occasionally Whale Sharks, Minki Whales and on two occasions, Orcas. The site also hosts a variety of anenomies, a school of Barracuda and very large Elephant ear sponges. A great place for wide angle photography.
*Cherie`s Reef
This is a beautiful drift dive along a slope that`s covered with large Gorgonians and littered with large schools of fish. Particular Gorgonians host the infamous Pigmy Sea Horse.
*Observation Point
A true rubble dive. Sand slopes going down 100` host snake eels, Star Gazers, Pipe fish, Flamboyant cuttle fish, Mimic Octopus, Spanish Dancers, Cuttle fish, Fire urchins with Coleman shrimp and the Bugs Bunny *Scorpion fish.
Sponge Heaven A sheer wall starting at 2` below the surface dropping to 200+` Honey combed with small caves. Huge variety of sponges and home to a variety of Nudibranchs, including the large Spanish Dancer.
*Jason`s Reef
A small coral mound located in 150 feet of water. This mound has large schools of Banner fish and Fusiliers as well as many pelagics. Also on this mound is the sought after Rhinopious or Weedy Scorpion fish.
*Little China
A coral mound coming out of 150 feet of water. Typical of over 30 dive sites in close proximity. Large schools of fish over the front face, soft coral gardens where both macro and wide angle photographers can be more than satisfied.
*Michelle`s Reef
Located on the North Coast, this dive site provides both macro and wide angle. A shallow wall dropping off to 25 feet. Beautiful swim-through with gorgonians growing off the wall and sea bed. Able to shoot up into the jungle canopy from 20 feet of water. Also ideal for macro, a large variety of nudibranchs, Pegasus fish and on occasions Mimic octopus.
...and many more.

Website: Preview http://www.chertan.com/ by Thumbshots.org http://www.chertan.com/
Discover Papua New Guinea Aboard M.V. Chertan Live Aboard Dive Boat of Milne Bay.

Contact information:

Phone: 675-64-11167
Fax: 675-64-1129
Street Address:
P.O. Box 176
Milne Bay Province
Spoken language(s): English
Open: from 09-00 till 17-00
Local time:  GMT + 10 Brisbain, Vladivostok, Sidney, Canberra
Note: No guarantee is made to the accuracy of these details.

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