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Thousand Island Pleasure Diving

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Company description Welcome To Thousand Island Pleasure Diving
Thousand Island Pleasure Diving is dedicated to providing you with a fun, safe, and adventurous diving experience in the the Thousand Island region. All of our fun, friendly staff are trained in the latest safety and first aid techniques. We are the leading diving charter in the region, and guarantee your satisfaction on every outing.
We are pleased to announce that everyone that dives with us is now entitled to a 10% discount at the wonderful Caiger`s Resort call us for details.
We have helped hundreds of people have safe, interesting, and fun dive adventures in the Thousand Island area. Why not join us this season to have a great experience of your own.
Depending on group size, chartered trips will be conducted on our boat Island Diver or the new Pleasure Diver. Each outing takes approximately 4.5 hours and consists of two dive locations separated by a one-hour surface off gas. During the off gas the boat is moved to another wreck. Please call us for more information on customized packages.
Please Note: During some of our dives we enter US waters and therefore must ensure that all of our divers bring proper identification and documentation. To legally enter the US and return safely to Canada you mush have on your person a valid passport or both your birth certificate and govenment-issued photo ID.
All 1000 Island Pleasure Diving staff are fully trained in the administeration of oxygen, first aid and CPR.
Wayne Green
Owner of Thousand Island Pleasure Diving, Wayne is a certified Dive Master with over 26 years of diving experience. A certified captain by the Ministry of Transportation, Wayne has provided safe and fun diving experiences to hundreds of individuals, many of which return to live the experience again and again.
Our boats:
Island Diver
Length 26`
Capacity 8 Fully Equipped Divers
Cruising Speed 28 Kts
Head / Bathroom One On Board
Safety Equipment Fully Equipped
Other Extremely easy entry and exit boat, perfectly suited for diving in the Thousand Islands area. All safety equipment is on board.
Pleasure Diver
Length 28`
Beam 10`
Capacity 12 Fully Equipped Divers
Cruising Speed 18 Kts
Head / Bathroom One On Board
Safety Equipment Fully Equipped Including Oxygen
Other Canada Transport Certified
With a walk through transom and fin ladder this boat makes entry and exit a breeze. The boat has the necessary equipment to accommodate divers that are physically challenged. Instruction is available.
Location description: Our chartered Wrecks:
Roy A. Jodery
A.E. Vickery
This wreck is one of the most popular in Ontario. The steel freighter lies on its starboard side at a depth of 20` to 120` just south of the shipping channel off Mallorytown Landing west of Brockville. The Keystorm was built in Wellsend, England in 1908 for a Montreal-based company. It weighed over 2300 tonnes with a length of 256` and a beam of 43`. The Keystorm remains in good condition and is accessible to all levels of divers.
The Keystorm sank, without fatality within minutes of hitting Outer Scowl island shoal in a thick fog on Oct 12, 1912. She was on her way from Genesse Dock at Charlotte N.Y. carrying a cargo of 2230 tons of Bituminous coal under the command of Captain L. Daigult.
Roy A. Jodery
The Roy A. Jodery wreck is in deep, dark waters with considerable current and is not suitable for divers without proper training. This relatively modern steel freighter lies on a ledge with her stern at a depth of 242` and her bow at 150` just south of Wellesley Island. The freighter was part of the Algoma Steel fleet untill she struck a shallow just off Alexandria Bay, N.Y. on Nov 20, 1972 while attempting to deliver 20 000 tonnes of steel to Detroit. The impact tore the keel of the ship causing it to sink in less than four hours. The captain and all 29 crew memebers survived, after attemting to beach the ship on the shores of Wellesley Island.
In 1998, the american coast guard hired an underwater contractor to investigate the appearace of what looked to be fuel or oil surfacing above the wreck. The divers found eight barrels of oil on the stern deck at around 165`, these were later removed.
The Roy A. Jodery is in very good condition and you can see a fracture in the center of the hull. On the bow section, the tear from the impact with the shallow and other damage caused by its sinking are also visible.
Before mooring at the dive site we must chek into the United States customs, so please bring proper identification.
A.E. Vickery
The A.E. Vickery is a wooden three masted schooner with dimentions of 136.2` x 26.2` x 10.8`. She lies upright in 60` - 125` of water just off Rock Island shoal. The sten of the Vickery hangs over a ledge, preserving its wooden rudder.
Originally named J.B. Penfield and renamed in 1884, the Vickery was launched in July 1861 at Three Mile Bay, N.Y. Carrying a cargo of 21 000 bushels of corn, destined for Wisers distillery in Prescott, Ontario on August 17th 1889, the schooner struck a rock while entering the American `Narrows`. There were no fatalities.
The surface current at the dive site is considerable, but lessens as you decend to the wreck itself. Several interesting items are at the stern of the ship, including the stove and intact rudder. The ship is mostly covered in zebra musscles.

Website: Preview http://www.islanddiver.ca by Thumbshots.org http://www.islanddiver.ca
Includes information on courses, dive charters, rates, contacts and hours of operation, descriptions and details of local wreck sites, and events calendar.

Contact information:

Phone: 613-659-3943
Fax: 613-659-3964
Street Address:
PO Box 415
K7G 2T9
Spoken language(s): English
Open: from 09-00 till 17-00
Local time:  GMT - 6 Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara
Note: No guarantee is made to the accuracy of these details.

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