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Hints for navigating the Interactive Map on

Type a name of the town, scuba diving centre/club or postal code into the box in the top left of your screen and press enter or search; or simply click on a cluster of scuba diving courses, clubs or centres to zoom in.

(Want to try and not sure where to search? Type 'Weymouth')

If you don't see any scuba diving related bussineses, simply zoom in using the plus (+) button or by clicking on a cluster.

If you want to search for scuba diving charter bots / courses/ clubs /centres in other areas you can drag the map to those areas using the mouse or arrow keys.

Our new interactive Scuba Diving map is simple to use and allows you to find scuba diving related businesses or one of our selected scuba diving resort worldwide. You can start your search whether you have the name of the dive centre, diving resort, scuba club or dive gear store or online dive equipment shop, or just a town or an area you are going to visit.

Mission statement: To collect all world scuba diving related businesses on the Web.- Add new!
Vision statement:
5700+ of dive centres, scuba diving shops, diving schools, scuba centers collected.

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