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Do I have to pay for placing information about the scuba diving related organisation in the catalogue?
-We offer free options as well as paid. You can find more information here.

I want to add information about diving centre, organisation, scuba shop, dive club I don't work for. Can I do that?
-Of course, you can add information about all diving related organisations, companies, clubs if you have reliable information.

I've added organisation but it's not shown in catalogue and on map. What can I do?
-Organisations become available for viewing after initial checks have been carried out by our site administrator.

I want to edit or delete information about organisation. How can I do that?
-You need either to click on the link which was emailed to you after you've added your organisation.

I want to edit or delete information about organisation but I don't know or don't remember my password. What can I do?
-You need either to login using the same login name and password which was used when you were adding information or use the option for password restoration here.

I want to add information about my organisation in several categories of the catalogue. How can I do that?
-You can specify categories when you adding or editing information. Hold "CTRL" button to choose several categories.

How can I raise my site in the Search Results or in the subject catalogue?
-You need to update information, attach pictures, photos, feedbacks and download price lists frequently. You can also purchase Regular or Premium Membership and be on the top of the search results.

I want to place advertisement in the catalogue or add my organisation on special terms.
-Please contact our advertisement department by email.

Mission statement: To collect all world scuba diving related businesses on the Web.- Add new!
Vision statement:
5700+ of dive centres, scuba diving shops, diving schools, scuba centers collected.

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