This page contains features and goodies currently being worked on by the DIVINGFINDER.COM research and development team.

Feel free to try them out, but keep in mind that everything here is in a "beta" state and unsupported by DIVINGFINDER.COM! Enjoy!

DIVINGFINDER.COM Labs OpenSearch plugin !! New !!
Adds a quick scubadiving search to your browsers built-in search function. This is a plugin for the OpenSearch search engine implementation, and should work on all browsers that support the OpenSearch standard.
Notice: Only Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 currently supports OpenSearch. If you are using an older version of either browser, try our Firefox search plugin or Google Toolbar button below.

Firefox search plugin
Find your hotel easily from the firefox search box.
Notice: This is only for Firefox versions prior to 2.0. If you have Firefox 2.0 or later, please use the OpenSearch plugin above.

Google Toolbar button
Add a button to your Google Toolbar, so you can always find us easily. Required: Google Toolbar (download)

Google homepage gadget !! New !!
Add our DIVINGFINDER.COM scubadiving search widget to your personalized Google homepage.
A «Google home page» is your own personalized start page. You access it by logging in to your Google account and point your browser to
The «DivingFinder» home page gadget provides one-click search to diving related sites with DivingFinder Search from your Google home page!

iFrame package !! New !!
One of the options we offer is our iFrame package. It means that you can show our scuba diving's map through the iFrame on your website.

In order to configure the map - simply set the following variables in iFrame's URL:

  1. map_width=<map width in pixels> - Sets width of the map.
  2. map_height=<map height in pixels> - Sets height of the map.
  3. lng=<longitude (float number, as for google map)>&lat=<latitude (float number, as for google map)>&zoom=<zoom> - Centres map to given coordinates and sets zoom.
  4. pi=<Your client IP> - The script automatically calculates latitude, longitude and zoom.
Note: If you want use client's IP for set map's position - then you can't use lng=...⪫=...&zoom;=... construction and vice versa.

Mission statement: To collect all world scuba diving related businesses on the Web.- Add new!
Vision statement:
5700+ of dive centres, scuba diving shops, diving schools, scuba centers collected.

Install our search plug-in
(Firefox or IE 7 only).

Scuba diving services browser search plugin screen

Search DivingFinder from a search bar of your browser (look for it at the top right).
Click here to install our search plugin.

Install our Google Toolbar button.

Scuba diving services google toolbar button

Add a DivingFinder button to your Google Toolbar, so you can always find us easily.

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